Pirate Camp is located in the woods of Vashon Island, WA. Camp was established in 1987 by Captains Jim Sir and Jacq M’am, who continue to steer the ship along with the indispensable Captain Rugby.

Visiting Dragonfire Pirate Camp

Parents and Pirates are welcome to visit any Thursday during our summer sessions when we have Family Visiting Morning at 9:30 for about an hour. This serves as the only “Open House” type time to preview Pirate Camp.

Camp Fee

The fee is $678.75 (WA state sales tax included), payable by check, money order, or Visa/MasterCard.


Our youngest Pirates are graduated kindergartners entering first grade in the fall. Our oldest Pirates are fall fifth graders.

Food Allergies

Regretfully, we cannot register a child who has a life-threatening airborne food allergy.


We provide all of the food for the Pirates so that we know what and when they are eating. We have daily Pirate Lunch with salad and all the toppings, two soups, steamed rice, breads with interesting names such as “Pirate Fingers” or “sweet elephant ears”, or “cinnamon snakes”. We have Pirate potatoes, fruits and vegetables, all washed down with as much cool, deep well-water as a Pirate desires.

Pirate Staff

Our handpicked crew assures us that all of our Pirates are well supervised. Three Adult Captains plus high school honor-roll all-around-great-role-model teenage Counselors (who have been Pirates in their younger years) are on hand to make sure that each and every Pirate experiences the best 4 days of the summer.


We wear our Pirate rags, play games, eat great food that we’ll fix, have a cake hunt, play Pirate Lotto, and sing the Pirate Song. Every year Captain Jim Sir pulls out new ideas from his trunk full of fun and games. Pirates make a wooden dagger, get tattoos, put on a show in the Monkey-Head-Cat-in-the-Hat Theater, listen to great Pirate stories, and get their fortunes told by Captain Jacq M’am. Each day the Captains make sure every Pirate is having fun and making amazing memories!

Captain Jacq M’am and Captain Jim Sir

Captain Jacq M’am and Captain Jim Sir

The Lookout Tower

The Lookout Tower